Almond Rose

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Treat your skin to some papering with our handcrafted Almond Rose Soap. We hand-blend an array of skin nourishing natural ingredients into this lovely soft pink soap. The base of the formula consists of olive oil, soy oil, palm oil, coconut oil and shea butter, which replenish vital moisture to the skin while removing impurities. The presence of these hydrating emollients in the soap allows our formula to effectively cleanse without leaving the skin feeling dry and tight.


To the base blend of our Almond Rose Soap, we add almond oil, a vitamin-rich extract that provides multiple benefits for the skin. The antioxidants that almonds contain help to break down the free radicals that give rise to signs of aging, and the essential fatty acids found in the oil help the skin retain moisture. Real rose petals are included in the formula to soften the skin and promote an optimal pH balance, so that oil production occurs at normal rates. This bar soap formula is perfect for those with dry and combination skin.