Cedarwood Anise with Red Clay and Charcoal Soap

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Oily skin is a common dermatological problem but one that is not easy to address. All too often, cleansers made for oily skin are too harsh and end up stripping away too much of the skin's vital moisture, leaving it prone to dryness and irritation. Our Cedarwood Anise Soap with Red Clay and Charcoal takes a natural approach to cleansing oily skin and will help you control oil production without sacrificing the health of your skin. Rich red clay in the formula draws built-up oil out of the pores, addressing skin congestion and the conditions that it causes like acne and enlarged pores. Charcoal purifies and disinfects the tissue, leaving it deeply cleansed.


Featuring the exotic fragrance of cedarwood and anise, our Cedarwood Anise Soap with Red Clay and Charcoal leaves the skin clarified but contains a blend of olive, safflower and organic coconut oils to prevent dryness. The cedarwood included in the formula helps to normalize oil production while anise is a natural antiseptic.