For more than 5,000 years, frankincense has been used for its aromatic scent. In ancient times, it was burned as a part of religious ceremonies and believed to have divine powers because of its incredible fragrance. To this day, frankincense is used in Ayurvedic healing to purify the skin and help the skin recover from wounds and chronic inflammation and irritation. Our Frankincense Soap is made with real frankincense, giving it a wonderful scent and purifying benefits for the skin. A perfect choice for men and for women, the soap is handcrafted and made with a traditional method to ensure its quality.


In addition to pure frankincense, our Frankincense Soap contains cinnamon, which helps to exfoliate dead skin, promote circulation and eliminate bacteria. The soap has a base made of shea butter and a combination of palm, olive, coconut and soy oils, providing nourishment and moisture for the skin with every use. You're sure to love this spicy, exotic soap and the results it provides in the form of healthier, smoother skin.

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smells great!

I love this product! smells wonderful and my girl swears it's clearing up her complexion.


I went to the berkeley flea market and bam! I found Iyoba products. I just couldnt help myself. I was smelling everything and indulging in the scents and the love that was put into making these products. I bought several products and will continue to buy from IYOBA. Owner is just as beautiful as the products.

Awesome! I have my signature soaps!

I was out in berkely at the flea market and the Lord lead my footsteps to this woman stand and let me tell you. I have not regret it!! I absolutely love this soap! its the first of 5 that I bought! and I am soooo excited about it! It smells so good and makes my skin silky soft no ordinary soap or shower gel can do that!! This is THE BEST SOAP EVER!! I will buy more! I have found my signature soap! lathers nice as well!

Great Soap ever I really loved this soap!!!!!!!

I have been looking for a soap or body wash that really gets your skin clean and not just leave a film, and advertise that the product gets your body clean and I have finally found one, I took a bath with this soap and my body was squeaky clean when I finish, the Cinnamon exfoliate your skin. I love natural products!!!!!!