Our Story

Posted by EFIYA ASABI on 5th Nov 2016

I grew up in the San Francisco Bay Area as the eldest of two children. My grandmother has been my greatest source of inspiration. Some of my earliest memories are of my grandma tending to her garden and chickens, and working around her yard. I loved to spend time with her because I was fascinated by her ability to create things with her hands. If she needed a fence or a chicken coup, she built it. Meals at grandma's were often made up of what she grew herself. I started making soap about 18 years ago when my son was diagnosed with eczema. His physician prescribed him a steroid cream and after doing a little research I knew that I couldn’t use the cream on him. Time with grandma had empowered me with the knowledge that I had options. It started me on a journey of trying to discover what I could create that would help to soothe or possibly cure his condition. After getting positive results for my son, I started to give the soap to family and friends as gifts. They began giving it to their friends and coworkers. Then I started getting requests from people wanting to purchase the soap. This was the start of Iyoba Body Essentials.