Lavender Bath Bomb

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Turn your tub into a spa in seconds simply by dropping in one of our Lavender Bath Bombs! This unique bath product dissolves when it hits the water, creating a fizz full of essential oils and nutrients that conditions the water and makes your soak incredibly luxurious. Our Lavender Bath Bombs are made with real lavender, giving them an unmistakably lovely fragrance. Lavender is known to calm the senses, so our bath bombs are the perfect thing to add to a nighttime bath to encourage relaxation and ensure a restful night's sleep. Plus, you'll emerge from the tub with that wonderful lavender fragrance lingering on your skin.


Our handmade Lavender Bath Bombs are a luxury quality bath product that is made with the best available ingredients. We are committed to keeping our products free of harsh chemicals, making our bath bombs ideal for everyone, even those with skin sensitivity. Pick up a few to give yourself a special treat come bath time or to give as a gift.