Organic Curl Cream

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Naturally curly hair can be absolutely gorgeous, but it does pose some challenges when it comes to styling. Organic Curl Cream is formulated to take the hassle out of styling your curls and give you gorgeous ringlets or sexy waves that are free of frizz, perfectly sculpted and touch-ably soft. When you apply the cream to wet curls, you'll have an easier time detangling them and shaping them into the perfect style. The cream forms a lightweight seal over the strands, limiting the absorption of moisture to decrease the likelihood of fly-aways, but it doesn't weigh down the hair and rob curls of their bounce. As your curls dry, the cream provides light hold to keep them in place all day.


Our Organic Curl Cream is a blend of all natural ingredients that nourishes the hair while taming curls. The cream contains Irish moss, panthenol, silk protein and meadowfoam seed oil and has a fragrance that is as pleasing as the results possible when you style.