Hair + Body Honey

Hair + Body Honey

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Our Hair & Body Honey is a luxurious handmade moisturizing formula that perfectly conditions and nourishes both the hair and skin. This rich blend of natural butters and oils spreads easier than our Hair + Body Butter and is formulated with the same restorative ingredients & no fillers. It’s perfect for sealing in moisture after a shower or bath.

Active Ingredients:
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This unique formula is a blend of high quality natural ingredients, including West African Shea butter, avocado butter, mango butter, cocoa butter and olive and coconut oils, making it an excellent way to restore hydration to the skin and hair. We finish off the Hair & Body Honey with naturally derived fragrance oils, and you can choose from 15 delightful scents.

When applied to the skin, our Hair & Body Honey penetrates the tissue to deliver moisture to dehydrated skin cells, leaving the skin  feeling softer and suppler. The conditioning blend of oils and butters can be used to minimize the appearance of stretch marks and decrease the likelihood of them forming during pregnancy.

For the hair, this formula makes for an excellent deep conditioner or sealant for the ends. With regular use, the hydrating formula can help restore strength and pliability to damaged tresses, making them less likely to break.