Our line includes hair moisturizers and conditioners, hair styling creams, body butters, artisan soaps, sea salt scrubs, milk baths, and even home care products. Each product is handmade using natural, cruelty-free ingredients that nourish hair and skin while respecting the environment. We make soaps in small batches in order to preserve the quality of each bar.

handmade with mother’s love.

IYOBA started in 1999 as a mother’s journey to heal her son. When her child was diagnosed with eczema, Efiya Asabi, our founder, realized that the artificial ointments prescribed were not improving his skin condition. The chemicals were too harsh. With determination, knowledge, and recipes inherited from her mother and her grandmother, Efiya began experimenting in her kitchen to find a solution that would soothe his skin. She created what is now known as her famous artisan soap. As she started seeing results, she also discovered her passion for crafting natural home remedies. Today, our passion is fueled by results our customers can see too. We are proud to dedicate our success to loyal customers who share our values and trust in wholesome natural care products handmade with love.



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"This Iyoba Organic Curl Cream is
the stuff other
curl creams
aspire to be"

— Derby City Naturals